This Is Our View - Staying Lively


By: Nancy Lembke

The day had barely begun when we noticed some unusual activity happening in front of our property.  A semi & a pickup truck had stopped on the road, not a typical occurrence on this State Route that runs from Sugarcreek to Coshocton.  As we strained to see what caused the flow of traffic to stop, we noticed three ‘strange’ horses being herded into the fenced pasture next door by our neighbor kids.

While it doesn’t happen often, there is the occasional “critter escapee” here in Amish Country.  These particular three ‘visitors’ had escaped their home pasture from nearly two miles away.  The owners were grateful that they were found, of course, but even more grateful that no vehicle hit them during their excursion.

While life in the country might seem “boring” to those who don’t live here, there are events that actually keep things “lively” too.