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The Amish are a loosely connected network of conservative Anabaptist communities that originated inSwitzerland. They split from the Mennonites in Switzerland between 1693 and 1697. They are followers of Jakob Ammann, who spearheaded the split because he favored harsher excommunication practices and more conservative modes of dress. The Mennonites and Amish still share basic Anabaptist values, like opposition to both war and infant baptism. Amish communities are easy to identify from their horse-drawn buggies & wagons and 17th century clothing. Amish women must wear cape dresses and head coverings in public.

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By: Jennifer Yoder


Growing up in Holmes County, Ohio’s Amish Country, I never fully appreciated just how lucky I was. Looking back, one of my favorite things to do was go to my grandma’s house on Saturday afternoon. The afternoons that I loved the most were the ones when we got in her jeep and traveled the few miles from Farmerstown to Charm, getting excited and pointing out all the horses along the way.

We would end up at a quaint little country shop called Millers Dry Goods. As a kid, I thought the store was a magical place. There were fabric ...

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