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Just a few decades ago, if you mentioned livelihood in the rolling hills of Amish Country, bathed in sunlight and pastures, and most anyone’s thoughts would have turned immediately to farming.

Farming has been the absolute staple of Amish Country in Ohio for quite some time, so it would seem appropriate to think farming when it comes to the market which drives the area’s economy.

However, times have changed over the years, and farming has fallen on tougher times, especially over the past two decades.
Farming was and still is a tough, demanding job. It is long hours, with sometimes questionable yields ...

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By: Jennifer Yoder


Growing up in Holmes County, Ohio’s Amish Country, I never fully appreciated just how lucky I was. Looking back, one of my favorite things to do was go to my grandma’s house on Saturday afternoon. The afternoons that I loved the most were the ones when we got in her jeep and traveled the few miles from Farmerstown to Charm, getting excited and pointing out all the horses along the way.

We would end up at a quaint little country shop called Millers Dry Goods. As a kid, I thought the store was a magical place. There were fabric ...

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Adam Cook

Historic Downtown Millersburg is among Ohio's Amish Country’s leading attractions — the prominent thoroughfare evocative of locally owned shops and restaurants and a place where the community gathers to celebrate.
A trip down Route 83 or Route 62 toward Holmes County leads to Jackson Street, right in the heart of Millersburg. Over the summer, events here celebrate a community bolstered by an independent, entrepreneurial spirit.
On Saturday, Aug. 5, over 50 vendors will pack the streets from across the state, and set up shop on the sidewalks for Antiques in the Alley. “The whole downtown ...

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