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Just a few decades ago, if you mentioned livelihood in the rolling hills of Amish Country, bathed in sunlight and pastures, and most anyone’s thoughts would have turned immediately to farming.

Farming has been the absolute staple of Amish Country in Ohio for quite some time, so it would seem appropriate to think farming when it comes to the market which drives the area’s economy.

However, times have changed over the years, and farming has fallen on tougher times, especially over the past two decades.
Farming was and still is a tough, demanding job. It is long hours, with sometimes questionable yields ...

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By: LaVonne De Bois´╗┐


Fry Pies are as common as Horse and Buggies, especially in Ohio Amish Country, Holmes County.  What is the difference between a good ole' fashioned slice of pie and a fry pie?  For one, you don't need to eat it with a fork.  Two; the Fry Pie is wrapped in a delicious thin crust with your favorite filling; and three, they are cheaper than a slice of pie.  Fry Pies can be found in nearly every bakery or perhaps along the back roads at a family roadside stand.  This ...

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2 lbs of green beans

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