Berlin Summer Spectacular

Berlin Summer Spectacular

Berlin Summer Spectacular – A Family Fun Day is a vibrant event packed with fun activities for children and families alike. The day kicks off with colorful balloons adorning the streets, setting a festive atmosphere.

Sheiyah Market Kid's day is the main event of our day. Face painting stations are bustling with young ones. Games, and arts and crafts stations offer fun with opportunities for creativity to flourish, with children crafting imaginative masterpieces under the guidance of volunteers.

Throughout the day, families can enjoy the scenic beauty of Berlin while participating in various activities. Experience the richness of our community's artistic talent. Immerse yourself in the beauty of local artisan made items, weaving, carvings, sculptures and paintings, and so much more!

To top off the day, visit Sol's in Berlin for their Summer Craft Show. Their parking lot will be full of Sol's vendors displaying their work. You'll find locally made brooms, Don Mars Originals, Amish Made Basket, Chainsaw carving and more!

Our event slows down with Music on the Square from 5:00-9:00PM.

Berlin Summer Spectacular is not just an event; it's a celebration of childhood, art, community spirit, and the joy of coming together to create lasting memories.

Event Location Main St., Berlin, Ohio
Date Saturday, June 15, 2024(all day)
Duration   1d
Repeats? No