The most common sight in an Amish community is the horse and buggy. It marks distinctively the separation of the Amish community from the rest of the world who uses the automobile for every day transportation.

The buggy varies with the group and reflects how conservative the community is. The more conservative the community the more austere the buggy is, the more stocky the horse is. For instance, the Swartzentruber Amish, the most conservative of groups, will use a wooden wheeled buggy with steel bands that touch the road. The side curtains will be manually rolled up and tied. The ...

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THIS IS OUR VIEW - Sights, Sounds, Seasons
By: Nancy Lembke

“Harvest Moon” is what they call the full moon of September - a moon bright enough that one could see well enough after the sun has set to continue harvesting the appropriate crops.   The challenge to get children up and ready for school becomes harder since the sun doesn’t want to ‘get up’ early either.  Cool nights make for better sleeping than the “dog days of summer” and wearing a sweater in the morning hours that can be removed as the day warms up is a matter of ...

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Nina Polien Light

Folks who crave Cindy’s Diner’s barbecued pork have a beachside prayer and a car full of strawberries to thank.

 After appealing to God for guidance while visiting Vero Beach during a difficult period, Cindy Iams returned to Ohio and picked up 26 quarts of strawberries from her mother’s Amish farm. While trying to peddle the fruit, she met Lee Debnar, who owned the Berlin Diner with his wife, Phyllis.

 Debnar learned Iams was unemployed and offered her a job. Although hesitant, Iams, who enjoyed cooking and had restaurant experience, agreed. Eventually the Debnars approached her about leasing the space. Iams hesitated.

 “I have ...

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