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The Ordnung is the unwritten set of rules and regulations that guide everyday Amish life.   Meaning “order”, or “discipline”, this German word takes on a deeper meaning in the Amish context.  The Ordnung provides the foundation for the Amish Christian community.


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By: LaVonne De Bois


As Spring arrives, so does the need to prepare for planting of crops.  Farming among the Amish remains in the 8 - 10% range with regard to family occupations.


Recently I interviewed a New Order Amish farmer about farming methods.  Even though Amish are allowed to utilize tractors on the farm for running equipment, some New Order may use tractors for fieldwork.  That is not the norm, but demonstrates the extreme examples from one group to another.


Working in the field does not ...

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Nina Polien Light

The name of the complex has changed and the offerings have expanded, but the Swiss cheese and wine makers formerly known as Broad Run Cheesehouse and Swiss Heritage Winery remain as committed to producing and selling high-quality products as they did when Hans Schindler bought the business in 1977.
“Broad Run Cheese started in 1933 as a farmers’ co-op, meaning the farmers owned the property, sent their milk there to make cheese out of and split the profits,” said Chad Schindler, Hans’ son and president of the renamed Broad Run Corner. “In 1969, they hired my dad as ...

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