Amish church and community circles intersect and overlap in many ways. When discussing Amish communities, you may hear the three terms districtsettlement, and affiliation.  These terms refer to three distinct ways in which Amish society is ordered.

Amish society is organized in 3 main ways:

  • affiliation refers to Amish who adhere to similar guidelines for living, also known as the Ordnung.  Members of a given affiliation can be found in geographically dispersed locations
  • settlement is the geographical location where a group of Amish lives (Amish in one settlement may be of different affiliations)
  • church district is the individual congregation where an Amish person worships, ...

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By: LaVonne De Bois´╗┐


Fry Pies are as common as Horse and Buggies, especially in Ohio Amish Country, Holmes County.  What is the difference between a good ole' fashioned slice of pie and a fry pie?  For one, you don't need to eat it with a fork.  Two; the Fry Pie is wrapped in a delicious thin crust with your favorite filling; and three, they are cheaper than a slice of pie.  Fry Pies can be found in nearly every bakery or perhaps along the back roads at a family roadside stand.  This ...

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Dave Mast

Whether you’re baking cookies with grandma in your childhood kitchen, where the aromas beckon some faraway memories, whipping up multiple batches of cookies to take to area families while caroling, or simply being creative in the kitchen to create that incredibly alluring aroma from a perfect bouquet of sweetness and spices, baking is as much a part of the winter holidays as anything.
While the baking blues might get you down because you’re thinking about having to travel hither and yon to purchase all of your baking goods, there is no need to fret because a simple trip ...

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