Amish church and community circles intersect and overlap in many ways. When discussing Amish communities, you may hear the three terms districtsettlement, and affiliation.  These terms refer to three distinct ways in which Amish society is ordered.

Amish society is organized in 3 main ways:

  • affiliation refers to Amish who adhere to similar guidelines for living, also known as the Ordnung.  Members of a given affiliation can be found in geographically dispersed locations
  • settlement is the geographical location where a group of Amish lives (Amish in one settlement may be of different affiliations)
  • church district is the individual congregation where an Amish person worships, ...

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By: LaVonne De Bois


As Spring arrives, so does the need to prepare for planting of crops.  Farming among the Amish remains in the 8 - 10% range with regard to family occupations.


Recently I interviewed a New Order Amish farmer about farming methods.  Even though Amish are allowed to utilize tractors on the farm for running equipment, some New Order may use tractors for fieldwork.  That is not the norm, but demonstrates the extreme examples from one group to another.


Working in the field does not ...

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Adam Cook

Historic Downtown Millersburg is among Ohio's Amish Country’s leading attractions — the prominent thoroughfare evocative of locally owned shops and restaurants and a place where the community gathers to celebrate.
A trip down Route 83 or Route 62 toward Holmes County leads to Jackson Street, right in the heart of Millersburg. Over the summer, events here celebrate a community bolstered by an independent, entrepreneurial spirit.
On Saturday, Aug. 5, over 50 vendors will pack the streets from across the state, and set up shop on the sidewalks for Antiques in the Alley. “The whole downtown ...

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