What if, instead of simply getting up, dressing in your Sunday best and driving to church, church came to you? What if your home was flooded with 150 people for a three-hour service followed by a couple of hours of eating and visiting?  This would be the picture once a year if you were Amish.

Your other church Sundays would be spent as one of the visitors, usually at neighbors’ homes no more than a short walk or buggy ride away.

In nearly all instances, the Amish hold church in their ...

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By: LaVonne De Bois´╗┐


Fry Pies are as common as Horse and Buggies, especially in Ohio Amish Country, Holmes County.  What is the difference between a good ole' fashioned slice of pie and a fry pie?  For one, you don't need to eat it with a fork.  Two; the Fry Pie is wrapped in a delicious thin crust with your favorite filling; and three, they are cheaper than a slice of pie.  Fry Pies can be found in nearly every bakery or perhaps along the back roads at a family roadside stand.  This ...

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Laura Briedis

Not only are Amish woodworkers known for their handcrafted solid oak, cherry and maple furniture, that same quality workmanship and attention to detail is applied to producing some of the trendiest poly furniture in the country.
Crafted from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic that has the warm look and textured feel of wood, this high-end outdoor furniture can be found at Swiss Country Lawn & Crafts in Sugarcreek.
“Almost any outdoor furniture made from wood can also be made of polyethylene,” said Dwight Mast, owner of Swiss Country Lawn & Crafts. At this country store which offers ...

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