Amish clothing styles encourage humility and separation from the world and are a practical expression of their faith. The Amish fashion styles are simple and meant to be functional. Clothing is made at home of plain fabrics and is primarily dark in color, including shades of purple, blue, wine, brown, grey and black. Lighter colors are used for younger children and summer shirts and dresses for adults in some groups.

Amish men wear straight-cut suits and coats without collars, lapels or pockets. They resemble the Nehru jackets of the 70's and are called mutza suits. During the summer they'll shed ...

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By: Nancy Lembke

The day had barely begun when we noticed some unusual activity happening in front of our property.  A semi & a pickup truck had stopped on the road, not a typical occurrence on this State Route that runs from Sugarcreek to Coshocton.  As we strained to see what caused the flow of traffic to stop, we noticed three ‘strange’ horses being herded into the fenced pasture next door by our neighbor kids.

While it doesn’t happen often, there is the occasional “critter escapee” here in Amish Country.  These particular three ‘visitors’ had escaped their ...

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Mitch Allen

    Set your GPS for 2641 State Route 39, Walnut Creek, Ohio, and you’ll end up at Walnut Creek Cheese, the 50,000-square-foot, ultra-fresh food market where over 20,000 people shop each week. But don’t let the name fool you. Sure, the store carries dozens of different types of cheeses, but you’ll also find 75 varieties of homemade jams and jellies, 50 different fresh meats, plus pickles, flour, cake mixes, pie fillings, honey, beef jerky, breads, barbeque sauces, frozen foods and virtually every other delicious edible treasure known to the Amish. Many of the store’s 120 employees can be found buzzing ...

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