Ohio’s Amish Country Magazine’s Facebook page and website get a lot of comments about photography and the Amish. Most non-Amish think it’s against their religion to be photographed. It’s actually NOT against an Amish person’s religion to be photographed. The Amish religion does, however, prohibit POSING for photographs.

Some Amish completely refuse to allow themselves to be photographed. Posed photos in particular may be seen as a show of pride. On the other hand, some Amish make a distinction between having one’s photo taken in a natural setting vs. posing for a photo. Some have no problem with allowing themselves to be filmed or ...

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Dave here, enjoying the fall beauty, and thinking about chickens and eggs. My usual four-mile walk takes me
past a farm that is close enough to the road to get a good view of the cows, hogs, sheep, and chickens that roam around the pastures.


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Beth Newcomb

People tell us all of the time how affordable we are,” said Donna Marie Golden, owner of Donna’s Premier Lodging — one of the area’s finest bed and breakfasts and a wildly popular Amish Country destination for couples yearning to reconnect without planning a full-blown destination vacation.
“We are certainly a destination,” she said. “But because we’re located so close to Cleveland and Columbus, it’s easy to make the trip to our lovely Berlin-based accommodations and still feel like you’re getting away from it all.”

Donna’s Premier Lodging is comprised of 17 well-appointed chalets, cabins, cottages and villas, some ...

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