The Golden Rule- Matt. 7:12

Students are taught , “If you all used the Golden Rule at all times, you wouldn’t need any other rules,” but since children are ...

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Dave here, enjoying the fall beauty, and thinking about chickens and eggs. My usual four-mile walk takes me
past a farm that is close enough to the road to get a good view of the cows, hogs, sheep, and chickens that roam around the pastures.


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Dave Mast

Whether you’re baking cookies with grandma in your childhood kitchen, where the aromas beckon some faraway memories, whipping up multiple batches of cookies to take to area families while caroling, or simply being creative in the kitchen to create that incredibly alluring aroma from a perfect bouquet of sweetness and spices, baking is as much a part of the winter holidays as anything.
While the baking blues might get you down because you’re thinking about having to travel hither and yon to purchase all of your baking goods, there is no need to fret because a simple trip ...

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