Fresh From the Garden

Published: 07/10/2017

by Dave Mast


Randy L. McKee photo

Fresh from the garden … You simply can’t beat that vine-ripened tomato, firm green beans, the zing of a fresh strawberry and the aroma of fresh vegetables.

The problem is, for many people, the time it takes to create a garden filled with fresh produce becomes too time-consuming and costly.
What is a person to do when they can’t find the time or the patience to grow their own fresh fruits and vegetables? A wonderful alternative is Ashery Country Store Bulk Foods near Mt. Hope, where greens grow greener, taste is heightened and fresh produce abounds.

The Ashery utilizes dozens of local Amish produce growers along with some of the finest produce markets available to stock the produce aisles.
“We try to buy as much of our fresh produce as possible at the Mt. Hope Auction from local producers here in Amish Country,” owner Curt Yoder said. 
That freshness makes the shopping experience at the Ashery one that allows customers to choose from the finest produce, and it is fresh daily. Throughout the growing season, the Ashery will stock whatever fruits and vegetables are being produced, like sweet onions, strawberries, rhubarb, green beans, corn and many others.
But what makes a trek through the produce aisles even more enjoyable is the friendly, courteous help visitors receive from the knowledgeable staff. Their presence adds to the down-home atmosphere that makes patrons feel like they are picking out fresh produce from their own homegrown garden.

Longtime Ashery employee Sovilla Yoder is there to share recipes, provide preparation options on how each fruit and vegetable is best used, something you won’t get at most stores. Curt Yoder added that even if Sovilla isn’t available, the staff can offer advice for shoppers looking for some interesting ways to prepare succulent dishes.
“It’s all part of creating that family atmosphere we strive for,” Curt Yoder said. “We want people to feel at home and at ease.”
Because the Ashery is continually bringing in the freshest possible produce on a daily basis and because growing seasons change frequently throughout summer and autumn, visitors will want to come back often to get their pick of the finest produce available.
Not only can visitors to the Ashery get their fill of tantalizing produce, they also can fill their cupboards with the Ashery’s own snack mixes or homemade noodles, or stop by the deli for fresh meats and cheeses. And a trip to the Ashery wouldn’t be complete without stopping by for a bowl full of incredibly smooth Cecil’s custard.
The Ashery has made providing the finest quality products a priority, and by presenting the freshest foods along with the staff’s friendly and helpful attitude that treats visitors like family, it is no wonder the Ashery has become a destination stop.

Ashery Country Store Bulk Foods is located at 8922 state Route 241, 2 miles north of Mount Hope. Call the store at 330-359-5615 or visit them on the web at