The Ashery Country Store

Published: 10/24/2018

by Dave Mast


There’s something almost therapeutic about treks to grandma’s house, where the savory aroma of warm cookies baking in the oven or piping hot homemade bread beckon everyone to the kitchen. Creating that joyful appeal from the kitchen is an invitation to family and friends to enjoy the holidays, relax for an evening of fellowship or partake in a Sunday lunch.
For many people winter means spending time in the kitchen creating a grand meal or a smorgasbord of baked goods because few things can warm the heart faster than food made from scratch and baked with a dash of love. Thankfully everything you need for your favorite dishes are available under one roof with a trip to Amish Country at Ashery Country Store Bulk Foods near Mt. Hope.
With more than 150 different spices and a complete line-up of baking ingredients, the Ashery can help create the familiar smells and tastes of family favorites from the kitchen. The Ashery keeps its spices and seasonings moving, and owner Curt Yoder said the goal of keeping things fresh provides the flavor people deserve in their favorite dishes.
“While spices last a long time, they lose their flavor over time, and if you taste a spice in month one compared to month 12, you notice a difference. We believe capturing that freshness is important,” Yoder said.
Cinnamon, parsley, chopped onions, thyme and countless other spices have made the Ashery a household word when it comes to baking ingredients and spices.
Even the spice rack wall, which is lined with bin after bin of the Ashery’s own unique blends, is worth experiencing and is as beautiful as it is functional. “Something about the wall of spice bins feels more personal than seeing spices on a cold shelf,” Yoder said, “maybe because it feels like you’re digging it out of your own cupboard.”
Opening up bin after bin invites patrons to experience the aroma of each individual spice as they open up each door.
Whether it is one of the dozens of spices or one of the Ashery’s own blends of seasonings for meatloaf, poultry, tacos, Salisbury steak, Tuscan, rice and beans, hamburger and more, your effort to create the perfect meal for your family and friends begins and ends at the Ashery.
About the only ingredient that goes into your family recipes the Ashery doesn’t sell is love, but not to worry, they give that one away for free.
While visiting the Ashery this winter, be sure to pick up your Ashery calendar, which features beautiful photographs and the store’s events and promotions as well as some fantastic monthly coupon savings.

Ashery Country Store Bulk Foods is located at 8922 state Route 241, 2 miles north of Mount Hope. Call the store at 330-359-5615. While the Ashery will send out email blasts promoting the big event, more information can be found on their website at