Winter Comfort

Published: 10/30/2017

by Dave Mast


Randy L. McKee photo

Whether you’re baking cookies with grandma in your childhood kitchen, where the aromas beckon some faraway memories, whipping up multiple batches of cookies to take to area families while caroling, or simply being creative in the kitchen to create that incredibly alluring aroma from a perfect bouquet of sweetness and spices, baking is as much a part of the winter holidays as anything.
While the baking blues might get you down because you’re thinking about having to travel hither and yon to purchase all of your baking goods, there is no need to fret because a simple trip to Ashery Country Store Bulk Foods in Mt. Hope will make finding everything you need to create mouthwatering holiday goodies a gingersnap.
Whether it’s pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving or creating colorful cookies for Christmas, the Ashery has even the most devout baker covered.
“When it comes to baking, we have a complete line of products that will keep families baking throughout the holidays,” store owner Curt Yoder said.
The Ashery offers people plenty of options, like with its flour, where it offers whole grain flour for grinding, sprouted grain flour, whole wheat flour, organic flour and others.
When it comes to holiday cookies, the spice rack is stocked full with 100 different spices to choose from. There is a complete line of cookie additives, like chocolate chips, raisins, dried fruit and sprinkles, and if piping-hot homemade pie is on your holiday menu, the Ashery carries glazed fruits and fresh pie filling that will make your pies the highlight of any meal.
Then there are the variety of fresh nuts and extracts that bring baked goods to life.
“If you put it in a pie or cookie, you’ll find it at the Ashery,” Yoder said.
During the week of Nov. 6-11, the Ashery will promote its annual baking sale, in which baking items will be featured along with some great deals throughout the store.
Another savory treat the Ashery specializes in is its fresh ground peanut butter, good for a fabulous peanut butter pie or grandma’s highly anticipated peanut butter cookies. “That is one of our biggest seller,” Yoder said of the peanut butter.
In addition, they carry a variety of different butters that add that perfect hint of flavor, like honey roasted, almond, cashew, pecan butters and some exotic mixtures as well. “We have peanut butter butterscotch, peanut butter hazel nut or peanut butter cappuccino,” Yoder said. “There is a wide variety of flavors that will challenge people to really get creative with their baking.”
With so many baking options on hand, Yoder said the staff loves to talk baking, especially Sovilla Yoder, who has been with the Ashery for three decades.
“Sovilla loves to share ideas for creating some fantastic holiday recipes,” Yoder said.
While baking is a holiday staple, so is making that perfect holiday feast, and the Ashery has an inventory that will help make the perfect holiday meal from entrée to dessert. “It’s about creating a tasteful experience,” Yoder said. “But for us, it’s more than just food. It is sharing God’s goodness with others.”
This holiday season, stop in at the Ashery and make your holiday menu complete with a one-stop shopping experience.

Ashery Country Store Bulk Foods is located at 8922 state Route 241, 2 miles north of Mt. Hope. Call the store at 330-359-5615 or visit them on the web at