This Is Our View - May


It’s time for morel mushrooms! Spring rains and hot, humid days bring out the annual fungi that are so delicious simply sautéed in butter.

These springtime delicacies are worth their weight in gold. Well, maybe not gold, but definitely silver. Elusive and a challenge to find, morel mushrooms are a springtime delight that brings out the most determined hunters.

At the weekly Farmerstown auction, bidders were vying against one another to the tune of $70 per pound. While that seems like a high price to pay, consider what it takes to hunt for these tiny morsels. Often climbing over uneven, muddy terrain, traversing around or over fallen trees, fighting through thorny underbrush and wild raspberries, the hunter knows how to spot their quarry. Mosquitoes, spiders and even ticks can’t deter those who enjoy a meal (or sale) of the morel mushroom. 

Dan & Nancy Lembke