THIS IS OUR VIEW - Sights, Sounds, Seasons


THIS IS OUR VIEW - Sights, Sounds, Seasons
By: Nancy Lembke

“Harvest Moon” is what they call the full moon of September - a moon bright enough that one could see well enough after the sun has set to continue harvesting the appropriate crops.   The challenge to get children up and ready for school becomes harder since the sun doesn’t want to ‘get up’ early either.  Cool nights make for better sleeping than the “dog days of summer” and wearing a sweater in the morning hours that can be removed as the day warms up is a matter of necessity.

Seasonal changes effect even the critters.  Many varieties of birds have already begun their migrations.  Chimney Swifts, Blue Birds, Baltimore Orioles, Killdeers, Hummingbirds, Swallows have begun following their internal directives.  Crickets, Walking Sticks, Praying Mantis & Caterpillars are now common sights.  Horses, goats & “man’s best friend” have begun to shed off their summer hair in exchange for heavier coats for winter warmth.

Clear, quiet evenings lure us to gaze at the bright stars twinkling overhead. Not even Tree Frogs singing to one another interrupt the stillness of the night any longer.   Once again we welcome this next season as it subtly slips into our lives.