Village of Sugarcreek

Explore our Swiss Village, take in a live show, shop, wine or dine at our unique local establishments, go on a horse-drawn trolley ride or simply stay in your room at one of our cozy inns and enjoy life at a slower pace.

The Sugarcreek area’s strong ties to its original settlers can be seen through the many cottage industries that continue to dot the picturesque hillsides of Ohio’s Amish Country.

Our Swiss and Amish heritage can also be tasted by visiting one of our local artisan merchants, which specialize in artisan crafted dishes, cheese, wines traditional recipes and more. Some businesses still follow recipes that have been passed down with generations of family secrets.

A part of the largest Amish settlement in the world, Sugarcreek continues to identify with its Swiss roots via the Ohio Swiss Festival and its title of “The Little Switzerland of Ohio.” A walk through the downtown district also showcases Swiss architecture and murals on many of the storefronts.

To get a better understanding of the rich history of the Sugarcreek area and the Amish, be sure to visit the Alpine Hills Museum, which is located in the Swiss Village Corridor of Sugarcreek, just off of Rt. 39 on W. Main St.

In addition to the museum, the Swiss Village Corridor features Amish & Swiss restaurants, pub food, a bulk food store, Amish-made quilts and crafts, antiques, collectibles and much, much more all within walking distance.

You’ll also find our businesses on Rt. 39 offer everything from hand-crafted furniture to specialty coffee shops and cafes to must-taste sauces, breads, wines and cheese.

While you’ll find that there is much beyond Sugarcreek that Amish Country has to offer, our lodging options and convenient access to I-77 should put Sugarcreek atop your list as the place to stay and enjoy your visit.

Come find out why everyone’s cuckoo for Sugarcreek!

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