Forest Management: Creating a habitat wildlife will want to call home.


Every landowner wants his or her land utilized in a different way.

“Some people want to sell as many trees as they can, and others want to be very selective,” said Nelson A. Miller, owner of M&T Hardwoods Ltd. of Apple Creek. “Some people like to see a lot of wildlife on their property, and some do not. So we listen to the landowners, and we do what they want us to do.”

Focusing on the free-to-grow method of timber evaluation, M&T Hardwoods has helped landowners to properly manage tree growth and harvesting for 34 years.

“We do normal logging and sawmilling and maybe focus a little more on forest management than some other companies do,” Miller said. “We buy good timber, sell high-grade lumber and veneer, and we try to be at the top of the line on everything we do. If you’re not harvesting and managing your timber, you’re losing.”

Miller said he works with contract loggers who bring in equipment and take out wood. He said responsible management is at the root of M&T’s service.

“The industry has changed a lot over the last 20-30 years and generally does a much better job of logging,” Miller said. “We have one customer with 100 acres of woods that we’ve logged four times in 20 years, always taking out high-quality wood. The key is being selective and managing the operation responsibly. If you want to grow a tree, you want to grow a good one, so you have to properly manage the area by taking out the bad ones to allow the good ones room to grow.”

Miller said M&T specializes in creating wildlife habitat. High-density, low-growing structure provides nesting, escape and winter cover for wildlife.

“I like wildlife,” Miller said. “Some people cut timber because they want wildlife, to create a habitat for white tail deer for example, and woods with thick trees is not a white tail woods. So some people want to take out trees and get more brush to create that habitat. But there are different thoughts, and we always listen to the landowner.”

Miller said he has always liked trees and wood. “It’s always been a part of my nature,” he said. “That’s why I got into this business.”

You can schedule a no-cost timber evaluation by calling 330-763-4465. M&T Hardwoods is located at 7838 Buss Road in Apple Creek. M&T is a member of the Ohio Forestry Association and the Ohio Farm Bureau.