That's How They Ride

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In the heart of Ohio’s Amish Country, where the clip-clop of hooves harmonizes with the rustling of leaves, there’s a business built around the bond between humans and horses, situated on a stretch of State Route 241, just a hoofbeat away from the square in Mount Hope.

Founded by Aaron Beachy, His brother Wes Beachy and Dave Schlabach, Kaycee's has quickly become the go-to destination for authentic apparel and accessories with a western flair for everyday wear and equestrian essentials.

“We drive to deliver an authentic western experience that can be a rare find the dot-com retail landscape,” Aaron Beachy said. “We believe in making customers who walk through our doors feel heard.

“In October 2021, we embarked on our journey as an equine and farm supply store, and when the opportunity arose to acquire Kaycee Western Store in Navarre, it felt like the perfect fit. So in June 2022, we then relocated the business to Mount Hope.”

Horses remain a way of life in Mount Hope.

“All of us here at Kaycee’s grew up with horses, like most Amish families,” Beachy said.

The connection is a common thread among the store’s three proprietors and its four full-time employees.

“The shared love for these magnificent creatures inspires our venture at Kaycee’s,” said Beachy, who also serves as general manager and is actively involved in sales, ensuring a personalized touch in every customer interaction.

Customers who walk through the doors will find saddles, tack, boots, and a diverse selection of western wear and other brand-name footwear and apparel.

“We offer brand-name products known for their quality, outfitting our customers with nothing but the best,” Beachy said. “Our commitment extends to offering diverse product options tailored to meet each customer’s needs. With the increasing trend of online shopping, Kaycee’s holds a special value in its friendly and knowledge- able staff.”

Despite setting out to offer a memorable in-store experience, Kaycee’s readily harnesses the power of the internet, phone and post.

“Customers needing items like treadmills, horse walkers and performance products can order them by phone or online with nationwide shipping available,” Beachy said. “We couldn’t possibly display all the equine products we offer in the store. Visitors to Kaycee’s will discover thousands of carefully selected products designed to help them experience horsemanship how it was meant to be.”

As a place to gear up to giddyap to the fair or the next big horse show, housing top brands such as P.E.P., Sport Innovations, Equilume, Sunset Equipment and Spectra Therapy, Kaycee’s strives to be more than a store, seeking instead to be a gateway to a lifestyle steeped in tradition and country charm, catering to both equestrian enthusiasts and those with a love of the western aesthetic.

Whether it’s traditional cowboy attire, complete with snap-button shirts and Ariat jeans, or more modern interpretations, customers who walk through the doors can create a look that suits their style from the tip of a well-made cowboy hat to the toe of a finely crafted boot with an intricately designed belt buckle in between.

From rugged denim to sturdy leather-work, the timeless apparel at Kaycee’s lasts, designed to hold up to the rigors of the ranch to the hustle and bustle of the city.

“We’re a community hub for like-minded individuals in a casual setting,” Beachy said.

Beachy, his brother and Schlabach aren’t content with making a quick buck or blending in with the herd.

“Honesty, keeping our promises and treating customers as our friends are values we hold dear,” he explained. “For us, horses aren’t just animals — they are integral to our daily lives and emotional well-being. They listen when the world seems far too busy.”

For the store’s proprietors, the value of building a business around the bond between humans and horses is plain as day in Kaycee’s products, passion and principles.

You can easily reach the folks at Kaycee’s in Mount Hope, Ohio. Just give them a call at 330-390-6012 or send a text to 330-988-4588. Feel free to connect with them online at If you’re in the area, pay them a visit at 8261 State Route 241 and discover Kaycee’s products, passion and principles in person