Dutchman Hospitality

Dutchman Hospitality Group appeals to every traveler, whether looking for a warm meal, peaceful stay or shopping. Seven restaurants, two inns, four bakeries, seven shops and a wholesale food supplier have become synonymous with Amish Country.

With seven locations, three of which are in Ohio’s Amish Country, Dutchman Hospitality Group provides visitors with the three top things every guest wants: food, shopping and lodging. Combining the local ideals of Amish Country and a hospitable atmosphere, the family-owned company is present in Berlin, Sugarcreek and Walnut Creek.

The recently acquired Berlin Farmstead restaurant is located near the heart of Berlin, just a short walk from the Main Street shops. A banquet room and bakery makes the eatery a popular destination for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

In Sugarcreek, the Carlisle Inn can be seen sitting atop the hillside as you enter the village. Within the complex are the popular Dutch Valley Restaurant, bakery and banquet facilities. Shops including The Coop, Dutch Valley Gifts and Dutch Valley Market make a visit to Sugarcreek a daylong adventure.

In Walnut Creek, the famous Der Dutchman Restaurant and Carlisle Village Inn and banquet room is a longtime favorite for locals and tourists. The wraparound porch serves as a sheltered waiting line during the peak of tourist season. But don’t worry. The line moves fast—and your meal will definitely be worth the wait. In addition, the nearby Carlisle Gifts and bakery complete the Walnut Creek premises.

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