A New Perspective

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Would you like to make some changes to your wardrobe style or home décor but aren’t sure where to start? If so, then be sure and visit bfearless. boutique and bfearless. at HOME in Walnut Creek. These side-by-side shops have been filling shoppers’ closets, kitchens and entire homes for the past 10 years, with unique items to help update their style and maybe even take a few chances.

As a family-owned business for the past 30 years, many remember The Peddler as the place to shop for home goods and décor. Ten years ago, bfearless. was opened providing a boutique experience for women’s clothing. The Schlabach family recently rebranded The Peddler to bfearless. at HOME, with brothers Dave and Tim Schlabach, Dave’s wife Tonya and her passion for all things beautiful and unique setting the tone for the updated shopping experience.

“I’ve always been interested and inspired by things that are unique and au- thentic,” Tonya Schlabach said. “I wanted to create a place where women can shop for clothing and for the home and find things to create confidence in who they are,what they wear and bring that confidence into their homes.”

Change can be difficult, but with a little help from a friend, a simple change in your style can make a difference in your mood, your attitude and even your life.

“We like to nudge people just a little outside of their box,” Tonya Schlabach said. “Our employees are passionate about what they do and love helping customers find something special for themselves, their homes or even a gift for a friend. We liketo think we offer more than clothing and décor. It’s a chance to try something new.”

The Schlabachs are dedicated to keeping the shops current in terms of the products they offer while staying true to the roots of the area. The bfearless. and bfearless. at HOME shops offer local, handmade items along with the more mainstream lines of clothing, shoes and home décor.

“It’s a balance,” Tim Schlabach said. “Visitors have always come to the area for the handmade furnishings and food. We support that, of course, but our goal is to also offer different options that can’t be found locally and introduce customers to something unique.”

Tonya Schlabach describes the candle area, the pillow wall, and the unique lighting and accent pieces at bfearless. at

HOME as true experiences for shoppers, where they see and touch the items and imagine them in their own homes.

“Candles provide instant warmth and make wonderful gifts,” Tonya Schlabach said. “Our pillows, rugs, throws, wall art and planters all add a coziness and unique touch that can be a step on the road to creating your own personal style.”

The bfearless. boutique and bfearless. at HOME team loves getting to know their customers and guiding them in a new direction when it comes to style. The Schlabachs’ goal has always been to provide this community and its visitors with the things that help them create both functional and beautiful homes for their families. That hasn’t changed.

“We created bfearless. boutique and bfearless. at HOME to be destination spots for visitors to the area and go-to shops for this community,” Tonya Schlabach said. “And bfearless. boutique carries brands that appeal to everyone. We carry
Birkenstock, Crocs and TOMS shoes along with Fossil and ABLE bags, Vervet jeans and so many more. You’ll find your style, and we may get you to try something a little different.”

Tonya Schlabach and Tim Schlabach both agree the best part of bfearless. and bfearless. at HOME is the people. They are talking about the customers, of course, but also their team.

“The entire bfearless. team is about connecting with this community, creating relationships and inspiring each other every day,” Tonya Schlabach said. Visitors are encouraged to stop in, meet the team, and enjoy a shopping experience that is sure to please.

bfearless. boutique is located at 3147 State Route 39, and bfearless. at HOME is at 3239 State Route 39 in Millersburg. Contact bfearless. at 330-893-9201 and bfearless. at HOME at 330-893-2701.

Follow both on Facebook and Instagram, and shop online both websites b-fearless.com and bfearlessathome.com