Ashery’s Amish Country goodness is as easy as 1, 2, 3

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Randy L. McKee

One of the most enjoyable experiences when visiting Amish Country is to enter the front doors of Ashery Country Store Bulk Foods and experience the incredible selection of bulk foods, baking goods, fresh vegetables, meats and cheeses, homemade snack items, bread and more.

However, that is only part of the experience. The friendly staff and owner Curt Yoder will make anyone feel right at home as the Yoder family began treating each visitor like family since the very first day Curt’s father Cecil started the store in the 1979.

“We all have our products that we promote and sell, but at the end of the day, those things need to be done well and with excellence, and it comes down to relation-ships,” Curt Yoder said. “We are all in the people-serving industry. That is how Mom and Dad built the Ashery, and I believe that with my whole heart.”

However, recognizing that not every-one has the time or capability to visit the store, the Ashery has designed a way to bring the Ashery to the people.

Early this year, the Ashery launched its online-shopping experience, which brings the best of the Ashery to your home with great ease.
“We’ve made shopping at the Ashery even more convenient,” said Jason Schrock, Ashery buyer. “We’ve built a way for people to shop for all of our top-selling items that we will ship promptly.”

The Ashery currently has over a thousand products listed and will continue to add more daily. While the ease of shop-ping is nice, the quality of the preferred products will be tremendous because all of the selected items will come right off the shelves of the store, meaning freshness and quality time after time.

Patrons can select from Ashery Country Store Bulk Foods’ fully stocked shelves. The down-home atmosphere has delighted customers who continue to make the Ashery a priority when visiting Amish Country.

Yoder said while the convenience is great, the Ashery wanted to be transparent with its customers concerning what they are buying, which is why they spell out exactly what people can expect as the very first step in the online-shopping process. “Each transaction will show the price for the products, the price for shipping and handling, and the total,” Schrock said. “We do not build the cost for shipping into our products’ prices, then claim to of-fer free shipping. We want everyone to get exactly what they’re paying for.”

In addition, when someone orders 5 pounds of noodles, they might get a little more than that, but the Ashery will only charge them for 5 pounds. Packing your cupboard with high-quality food for the coming winter months has never been easier.

“We can’t ship the personal attention and pleasant, down-home conversation people get when visiting the store in per-son,” Yoder said, “but we can make sure that we ship the same quality and freshness people have come to expect.”

Once you make your purchase, make sure to visit the website, where a bountiful list of recipes can be found to put all of those wonderful products to good use. Log on to the website at, click the yellow Shop Now icon and get started selecting from a large variety of subcategories. The process has been made for ease to create a quick and enjoyable online-shopping experience.

Ashery Country Store Bulk Foods
is located at 8922 state Route 241, two miles north of Mount Hope. Call the store at 330-359-5615. While the Ashery will send out email blasts promoting the big event, more information can be found on its website at