Fresh-from-scratch cooking at Dutchman Hospitality

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“All of the meals served at our three restaurants feature the freshest quality ingredients. And scratch cooking is at the heart of everything that leaves our kitchen.” said Jeanne Snyder, marketing director for Dutchman Hospitality, owner of the Dutch Valley Restaurant, Der Dutchman and Berlin Farmstead dining locations, along with two cozy inns and a spectacular theater. “It doesn’t get any fresher or more delicious.”

In fact, so remarkable are the mashed potatoes, which are painstakingly peeled and prepared fresh from scratch every day, onsite, that guests regularly insist they aren’t “real.” “People think because they’re so good and we go through trays of them on our buffet that our mashed potatoes can’t possibly be homemade,” she said. “They can, and they are. We also use real milk, butter and salt to make them.”

Every year, the three restaurants combined serve over 650,000 pounds of real potatoes. They even have two Amish girls behind the scenes inspecting the merchandise to make sure each potato is free from blemishes and dark spots.

In fact, much thought goes into every ingredient that covers the plates of hungry guests. The chicken, a feature in a number of entrees and on the buffets, is Gerber. “This is the best chicken money can buy, and it’s local,” she said.

Between the three restaurant buffets they go through a ton of lettuce, which is meticulously grown expressly for Dutchman. “It’s as delicious as the homegrown kind,” Snyder said.

Every restaurant is known for its “something special,” and Dutchman’s eateries are no exception. “The rolls,” Snyder said. “Our homemade dinner rolls are served with apple butter and signature peanut butter spread, making them a favorite among guests.”

Throughout travel season, guests regularly make the trek to one of Dutchman’s warm and welcoming restaurants because of this commitment to quality. Even on the buffet, the features are hearty and authentic. “The quality and variety of our buffet selections often surprise first-time guests and become favorites of guests who look forward to our buffet on their return visits,” she said.

Buffet dining featuring Amish favorites is the most popular option at the restaurants, but Snyder said some prefer to order authentic homemade cooking off the menu. Whichever way you choose to enjoy an authentic Amish meal, you can feel confident all safety protocols are in place.

And if you’re traveling with a large group, all three restaurants are equipped to handle sizeable parties while still maintaining a cozy, intimate atmosphere.

“Many people enjoy a visit to our restaurants following a visit to our popular Ohio Star Theater for a family-friendly musical or show,” Snyder smiled. “A perfect way to enjoy a weekend here is to plan an overnight stay at one of our inns, dinner at one of our restaurants and a show at our theater.”

To plan your visit to one of Dutchman Hospitality’s inns, restaurants or the theater, call 1-855-400-2275. The web address to locate all properties owned and operated by Dutchman Hospitality Group is For updates on business hours and current operational practices, please call the number listed here. Dutchman is committed to offering an extraordinary guest experience with safety at the forefront.