Sustainable Food

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Leading a simpler life doesn’t have to mean changing everything. Altering the way you do just one thing can lead to another, until you’ve effortlessly simplified life for your family. And it all starts at Lehman’s in Kidron.

“My father, Jay Lehman (1929-2020), started Lehman’s in 1955 to provide the local Amish community with non-electric household goods and the knowledge and products to create a simpler life,” Glenda Ervin said. “He loved teaching the skills of yesteryear, like sustainable home heating, and food preparation and preservation. Lehman’s has been making a simpler life attainable and affordable ever since.”

Lehman’s offers everything you need from plant, to plate, to pantry, to simplifying the way you feed your family.


1. Plant what your family likes to eat. Lehman’s suggests starting with one plant of each vegetable you like. You’ll eat what you produce and discover what grows well in your soil.

2. Soil and sun: Most vegetable plants need at least six hours of sun each day. Lehman’s suggests a container garden that can be moved throughout the day. Plant a salsa garden of tomatoes, peppers, onions and chives in containers for fresh salsa all summer long.

3. Water less often, and more deeply. Too little water each day causes the roots to migrate to the top of the soil for water. Instead, water deeply two or three times a week.

4. Plant heirloom seeds that can be replanted directly from the vegetables you grow. No need to buy seeds each year. It’s economical and produces vegetables with the same properties you’ve come to enjoy.


1. There’s nothing more satisfying than stepping outside to pick fresh fruits and vegetables to feed the family. And you just may decide to make bread or even churn butter along with it. Lehman’s will show you the way.

2. Make it a family activity. Understanding where your food comes from is satisfying, delicious and healthy.

3. Lehman’s is here to help in-store or with its catalog and online blog.lehmans. com. It’s the opposite of complicated.


1. Canning: Fill your pantry with your produce, using one of two methods - pressure canning or water bath canning. Let Lehman’s canning experts walk you through each process.

2. Dehydrating: Attention parents of young children; dried fruits will train your child’s palette to enjoy foods with less sugar and the process is simple.

3. Freezing: There’s nothing like fresh corn in the middle of winter. Simply cut the summer corn from the cob, rinse, strain, add a bit of salt, place in a container and freeze.

“No matter the task, my father thought everyone should have some idea how to do it yourself,” Ervin said. “And Lehman’s can help you take the next step on your journey to a simpler life.”

Experience the simpler life for yourself by visiting Lehman’s at 4779 Kidron Road in Kidron. Call toll free at 800-438-5346.

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