Bull Country Compost

For a boastful garden, spread the bull! Bull Country Compost converts raw manure collected from our farm and other farms to create a nutrient rich, odorless and safe soil amendment. We also recycle compostable yard waste into a planting soil.

Bull country compost is created from 100% organic product and is OMRI certified for organic food production. The manure is heated naturally to kill weed seed and harmful organisms normally present in raw manure to create a stable nutrient rich product that is safe for people and animals to handle. Compost is a soil amendment, which means it is added to your existing soil to improve the soil. It is helpful in many soil conditions; add it to sandy soil to boost nutrient value and water retention; added to clay based soil it will loosen compaction and allow water to drain. Compost can be used as a mulch for weed control; 1" on top of the ground will block weed growth for nearly an entire growing season and you receive the added benefit of feeding your plants with every rain or watering.

Hayseed Hank Super Soil is created from composted and ground yard waste that is blended and screened with topsoil and Bull country compost to create a ready to use planting medium for establishing new gardens or patching or installing new lawns.

All of our products are available both wholesale and retail in bulk quantities or 40lb bags. Residential delivery is available (minimum order required). We also offer roll off box services to local farms for manure collection and allow drop off of yard waste at our facility.