Holmes County Trail

In today's society, when we wish to leave behind sounds and signs of civilization, we search for places of solitude. Trails offer gateways to miles of breathtaking beauty.The Holmes County Trail is a treasure not many communities have the opportunity to share with their neighbors and families.

One lane of the trail is paved with asphalt for biking, roller-blading, walking, running, and wheelchairs, while the adjoining buggy and equestrian trail is paved with "chip and seal" for horse-drawn vehicles and horseback riding. Upon completion of the 29-mile trail, Holmes and Knox county will consist of over 50-miles of uninterrupted trail giving trail goers one of the most unique recreational facilities in the Ohio to Erie Trail System through Ohio's heartland.

The Trail is a great place to connect, and reconnect and become reoriented with nature. We need wild places of solitude at times. Not every county in this nation has a natural corridor of beauty 29-miles long cleaving its heartland and owned in common by all its residents. "Let those who championed the Holmes County Trail project be remembered for their courage, sacrifice, vision, generosity and impact on the lives of the generations that will follow us."

SAVE-THE-DATE - The 15th Annual Holmes County Rails-to-Trails Benefit Auction and Road Apple 5K will be Saturday, June 8, 2019. (The event is annually the second Saturday in June.)

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