Ohio's Amish Country Business Registry

Ohio's Amish Country Business Registry is an annual publication that is chock-full of artisans and craftsmen who provide unique goods and specialized services that you may be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

The Ohio's Amish Country Business Registry is treasured as a source of information with regard to the many great businesses within Ohio's Amish Country. You can search hundreds of OACBR related businesses or filter your search for specific products or services to assist your unique project or needs.

Ohio's Amish Country is host to thousands of B2B type businesses who provide components, parts, and goods of all sorts of other businesses to help bring their ideas to the retail marketplace. As such, businesses listed in our Wholesale category seek only business partners, and are not open to retail consumers.

Our primary purpose has always been, and continues to be, helping promote commerce by bringing together buyers and sellers in our surrounding area.

Ohio's Amish Country has long been recognized as an area rich in heritage - its people well known for a legacy of hospitality and agriculture, and its businesses recognized for their integrity and strong work ethnic. In a region this size, there are many businesses that go unnoticed and unseen, and it is our hope to make the OACBR a comprehensive guide to all businesses in our area.

If you would like to advertise in the next edition of the OACBR, or if you know a business not represented who should be, let us know.

For a digital version of Ohio's Amish Country Business Registry, click here.